Offering training & professional solutions for 20 years!

Numerator Technologies is very proud to be able to celebrate this milestone and we are very grateful to our loyal partners, some of whom have been with us for almost as long.

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The company, while global in outlook, is based in South Africa. Numerator Technologies (hereinafter Numerator) strives to enhance the competency and skills of the organisations and their employees with whom the company interacts. The company does this by providing trainers and facilitators who are highly skilled in their craft, aligned with training content that is both leading edge and certified by reputable certification authorities world-wide. Further, the company has the competence to help our clients design and deploy sophisticated Information Technology solutions as well as frameworks and standards (ISO, ITIL), Project and Business Management instances.


The vision of Numerator is to become a market leader by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations, providing best of breed solutions in the form of training, consulting and implementation. This will be achieved by constant and effective communication with our stakeholders. The company will renew itself as technology and needs change and evolve to ensure our clients remain ahead of the competition.

About Numerator

Numerator, an independent multinational company based in Johannesburg, South Africa and has been in operation since 2001. We provide our clients with successful training programmes and professional technology solutions. We have proven expertise in delivering high quality course material, as well as deploying and supporting sophisticated Information Technology solutions.

ISO/IEC Course Dates

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